New Furniture

WPI is partners with multiple commercial furniture manufacturers. These manufacturers are leaders in their industry who make great furniture at an exceptional value. These partners manufacture furniture for office, healthcare and education spaces.

Architectural Products

Change seems to be constant, especially in work environments. It can also be difficult to anticipate the space change your organization may require in the future. We offer sound masking, modular power systems, meeting pods and floor to ceiling moveable walls. Our customers have found that avoiding the permitting process that is required with fixed architectural solutions has been a big benefit. Call WPI today to see how we can help you with your needs.

Preowned Furniture

Some of the best value in our industry is the procurement of pre-owned furniture. WPI is in a unique position to leverage our furniture broker network throughout the United States. Our team is well versed in finding the pre-owned furniture needs your organization needs in the quantity, size, finish genre and condition you need.


Have you ever wondered where organizations can find all the things that make a workspace effective? Look no further than WPI. From artwork, clocks, waste baskets, organizational systems, ergonomic tools, and whiteboards, we have the little things you may have overlooked that actually can become big things. Call us today!

Sound Masking

Whatever type of organization you work for, privacy is sometimes necessary. Whether you’re having an important meeting or shooting a video, too much sound can be distracting and detrimental to your organization’s productivity. WPI is here to solve any of your soundproofing needs. Give us a call today!

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