Design & Space Planning

Our interior design and space planning capabilities allow WPI to ensure your workspace is maximized with the proper application of products that are dimensionally compatible within the work environment. This service is also utilized to best leverage existing products for the reconfiguration of new workspaces to help maximize the investments your organization has already made in furniture assets. Our goal is to help your organization utilize the workplace as a lever to enhance your brand, culture, and business processes.

WorkPlace Moves

WPI provides a variety of commercial move services. Whether you are looking to move only people and effects or complete work environments including equipment, furniture and data we can give you a great move experience at an exceptional value. We can provide move boxes, speed packs as well as move management for your projects. Our ability to manage the process for you gives your organization back the bandwidth it needs to focus on other areas of your business. No project is too large or too small for Workplace Integrations Commercial move team.

Furniture Liquidation

We understand that when you are ready to create new or reconfigure your existing workspace your existing furniture products may not be needed any longer. We can evaluate the marketability of your existing furniture inventory and leverage our extensive national network of brokers to help you maximize the value of your existing furniture. This can result in the sale of your furniture or reduce the expense to remove those existing products.

Furniture Installation & Reconfiguration

When purchasing new furniture for your workspace the installation process is an important step to ensure the work settings you have purchased are set up to maximize the application of products to positively impact your people. Our trained staff of installers will install your furniture on time and under budget leaving your workspace clean and ready to go with the removal of trash and debris.

Asset Management & Storage

You may require the need to store physical assets off-site in order to maximize the investment you have made in corporate real estate. We leverage barcoding and software to give you live access to your inventory with the capability to produce work orders for delivery of your assets. The managing of furniture assets is an important capability we provide. Creating an impactful asset management system for furniture starts with an active database. Note the highlight of the word active. We speak with many organizations eager to discuss how much they can save through the management of furniture assets that utilize outdated or non-existent inventory databases of existing furniture assets. They aren’t sure what furniture they have, where it is, or what condition it is in. The old saying that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is key to successfully managing your furniture assets. Call us to set up a free evaluation of your asset management needs.

Furniture Evaluation

WPI can provide an evaluation of your existing furniture to ascertain its value on the wholesale market, condition for refurbishment or ability for the product to be reconfigured to accommodate changes within your workspace. Call WPI to discuss the type of furniture evaluation your organization needs.

Furniture Reupholstery

Maximizing the furniture assets your organization has purchased is an important initiative we believe in. Your furniture can look worn out after years of usage while the structural components remain sound and in good condition. We use the saying that furniture can “ugly out before it wears out”. Our reupholstery team can help you specify new fabric for your furniture, pick up your furniture, have it reupholstered like new, and deliver it back to your workspace. We reupholster lounge, guest and task seating as well as cubicle panels and other furniture items. Call us for an assessment of your furniture and a subsequent quotation to have it reupholstered.

Refurbishing & Cleaning

Our belief that maximizing the life and usage of your furniture assets extends to providing the ability to steam clean and spruce up furniture that becomes dirty with time. We can also refurbish your existing furniture by recovering fabric, repainting metal components, wood touch up, and refinishing as well as modifying or producing new worksurfaces. Whatever your furniture refurbishment or cleaning needs are call WPI for an assessment and quotation.

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