Mar 19, 2022 | Kyle Doezema

The Importance of Design in Education

Schools are no longer simply places for learning. Just as many workplaces are shifting to a hybrid experience, the same can be said for many schools. Since the pandemic, many classes shifted to remote learning. While more classes have returned to in-person, the future points to a mixture of learning options. This means that schools are not only about a comfortable place to learn, but also an effective place to collaborate with classmates. Students want their whole self to be educated and nurtured when they’re searching for the right school to choose.

Flexible Design for Hybrid Learning

According to a survey conducted by Gensler, 68 percent of students and 74 percent of educators want a hybrid learning approach. This combination of in-person and remote learning means that schools need to be designed as flexible and tech-enabled environments. This allows schools to be increasingly involved with students and offer a personalized approach to learning. Spaces have to be designed with multiple avenues for engagement in mind.

WPI Can Be the Difference Maker

As stated previously, schools are not the only places thinking through these new design expectations. Schools are simply realizing there may be more similarities in the desire of students and employees in today's climate. Schools need workstations, offices, study rooms, group seating, and open spacing for growing technology. Collaboration and engagement should be a top priority for institutions that wish to be a top choice for students. WPI is the perfect organization to help you build the perfect design for your education space. We can get you the furniture and accessories that you need to set your school up for success.

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