Jun 14, 2023 | Kyle Doezema

Top 3 Office Designs In The United States

A workplace's interior design and space planning play a large role in the productivity and overall well-being of a company and its employees. At Workplace Integration, we believe in workspace design that is “human-centered”. 

A well-designed office can promote feelings of calmness, leave employees feeling comfortable, and have a positive impact on their health, as well as their collaboration and engagement. 

The first steps to building the ideal office environment begin with design and layout. Keep reading to see how some iconic American brands have used design, lighting, noise, and creativity to boost their employee’s effectiveness and willingness to work hard. 

There is no denying that these companies are successful, but how much of their success can we accredit to their unique office spaces?!

1. Airbnb

Airbnb Logo
Airbnb Logo from Airbnb.com

Coming in first place is the Airbnb Headquarters office, located in San Francisco, California. 

Airbnb has shifted how we travel and made finding a place to stay simple and affordable. Its online community has shifted the “norm” from hotels to homes, which is demonstrated in its headquarters, which resembles a home more than an office. 

In 2013, when the company relocated to its current office space in San Francisco, it aimed to recreate the look and feel of some of the most popular listings on the Airbnb app, according to IDF Studio, the design company involved in creating the workplace masterpiece. 

Each part of the office reflects a unique home style from different parts of the world. For example, the study and meeting rooms have been developed into the shape of camp tents and Norwegian houseboats. The cafe is Mumbai-themed, and the living rooms are based on elements found in Rio de Janeiro. The most interesting attractions are the work and relaxation areas set up exactly like the founders’ actual apartments in the city.

Mumbai-Themed Cafe from Airbnb.com
Mumbai-Themed Cafe - Airbnb.com
Study Room office space design Shaped as Camping Tents from Airbnb.com
Study Rooms Shaped as Camping Tents - Airbnb.com

Airbnb excels at making employees feel comfortable and at ease in their workplace. A majority of people spend more time at work than they do in their own homes, and at Airbnb, employees can feel at home at work.

Office space design -Green Wall at Airbnb's Headquarter's
Green Wall - Airbnb.com

2. Etsy

Etsy Logo
Etsy Logo from Etsy.com

The popular e-commerce site that makes buying and selling handmade and vintage items on the web easy comes in second place concerning office design. 

The Etsy Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, is more than just an office, featuring entertainment rooms like recording studios, yoga studios, laboratories, and design shops. How many people can say they can record a song after a long day in the office? 

Each floor of the nine-floor building offers a uniquely different experience. The first and second floors highlight a cable-wire staircase connecting the two areas, made from wood from the original rooftop water tower and demonstrating artwork by Etsy makers woven through the wires. 

The next floor accentuates what Etsy calls the “Green Embrace,” the idea of bringing the outside in. Greenscape makes this floor feel more like a treehouse than an office. 

The sixth floor is open at night to the community and employees for a combined enjoyment of the perks of access to amenities ranging from wet and dry labs, sound rooms, and recording studios. Locals can even attend workshops and hear from Etsy makers at speaking events.

You can find work and meeting spaces on the seventh and eighth floors. Employees have access to standard workstations as well as standing-height spaces. Meeting spaces are plentiful, some designed for individual phone calls and others for collaboration. 

Of course, these features are extraordinary, but the two that stand out the most are the terrace and wellness suite. The ninth floor of the building is a half terrace and half amenity space where employees can refocus and get fresh air. The wellness suite is home to a mother’s room, garden library, and yoga studio. 

Etsy hopes to be a trend-setting and game-changing workplace. Etsy emphasizes its employees’ needs and wants and the surrounding community, which is a trait of a well-designed office space.

Ninth floor terrace at Etsy - Office space design improves community
Ninth floor terrace - Etsy.com

3. Nike NYC Headquarters

Nike Logo
Nike Logo from Nike.com

Employees enter the office daily through a tunnel, similar to one that leads into a stadium, to make them feel like an athlete and embody the brand's personality. 

On brand for Nike, the office design highlights some historical and famous New York sports moments through graphics, illustrations, colors, and typographies featuring many Nike-sponsored athletes like LeBron James and Tiger Woods. 

In addition to the freelance office spaces, terraces, library, and fitness studio, the Nike headquarters also features an indoor basketball court, which hosts local high school team games to provide for the community.

Indoor basketball court at Nike - office space design feature
Indoor Basketball Court - Nike.com

Arguably the most notable feature of the iconic New York City Nike Headquarters is the 90-meter-long logo on the rooftop, which is visible from the top of the Empire State Building. However, the iconic basketball mosaic behind the Michael-Jordan-themed coffee bar gives that feature a run for its money.

Nike Logo on Nike Office Headquarters rooftop
Nike Logo on Nike Headquarters - Nike.com
Office design with Michael jordan themed mosaic wall at Nike
Michael Jordan Themed Mosaic Wall - Nike.com

What is so amazing about the design of the Nike headquarters office in New York City is its true reflection of the brand. STUDIOS Architecture, the building designer, took the things that make Nike an iconic brand and brought those things to life through interior design and space planning. 

The design and layout of your office space can make or break your company and its success. How you leverage your space and add bonus amenities can help you maximize the productivity and excellence of your office. 

Workplace Integrations wants to help you utilize your office to enhance your brand, culture, and business processes. Contact Workplace Integrations today for more information. 

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