Jul 31, 2022 | Kyle Doezema

Workplace Designs for a Hybrid Workforce

In a recent survey launched by CBRE, 60 percent of respondents say they prefer hybrid working, a mix of in-office and remote working. This change in how people prefer to work, forces companies to embrace these new, more flexible office options. As a result, these newly designed offices can use their spaces as a recruiting tool in their search for new talent. While no one can say for sure how office spaces will evolve, here are some ideas that WPI can help you with:

The New Hybrid Workforce Environment Will be the New Norm

With more focused work being performed remotely, office spaces have quickly become a place for collaboration. With that in mind, it’s essential to have an interior design that promotes discussion and teamwork in a creative environment. Your workspace design can go a long way in encouraging your employees to work together and get more done.

The Office is Used to Attract Talent and be a Place for Building Community

The survey findings created by CBRE indicate that because the office is quickly becoming a space for collaboration, it’s important to view the office as a destination that brings people together. These office spaces can feature unique designs that make it more than a place to work, but a cultural hub that represents the organization’s values. The focus will be on creating collaborative space over individually designated spaces. Based on the survey, respondents expect space for unscheduled catch-ups and communal space for socializing to be areas where demand increases. Larger meeting spaces may be less in demand due to individuals in the meeting being in different locations. Employees want connection and community within their team, and the hybrid setup is the perfect way to achieve it.

A Greater Focus on Safety Along with Smart and Touchless Technology

The importance of workplace safety and hygiene has been present ever since the pandemic. Many employees want contactless interactions and workspaces that allow them to have separation. Offering touchless technology and available separate space goes a long way in helping employees feel safe.

WPI Can Be the Difference Maker

The design of a workplace can make a significant difference in the culture and connectivity of your team. An office with a clear strategy will help employees feel like they matter, making for a more engaged team. In addition, an organization that shows care for its team is often one that attracts a much greater amount of new candidates.

WPI can help your organization exponentially improve your team’s culture and collaboration through our ability to create and source the perfect design and furniture for your office. So if your office is still stuck in the past, and you’ve found more potential candidates looking for a hybrid office, give us a call today!

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